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    Convention Calendar

    Aaaaaand we’re back! Hey there AAC friendos! I’d like to draw your attention to the menu and our brand new calendar feature. Swanky, eh? It’s still a work in progress — I’ve got like…130 more conventions to add — but I’m hoping it will be a useful tool for convention planning. Go ahead and play around with it, and if you find any bugs or think of any features you’d like added, feel free to leave a comment or send a message. To everyone who has submitted a convention but hasn’t seen it added, I’ll be putting those up as I populate the rest of the calendar. Integrating the calendar…

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    New Cons – Jan 16, 2019

    Happy 2019, AAC party people! Apologies for the lull in convention-adding around these parts. I’m slowly working on something that I hope will dramatically increase the site’s functionality. I’ll be keeping it under wraps a little while longer, but if all goes according to plan, it should be ready before con season gets going in the spring. Anyway, on to the new conventions!

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    Patreon, Ko-fi, and New Conventions

    Welcome back, AAC amigos! First, a bit of news: you may have noticed the site’s looking a little different. In addition to freshening up the style, we’ve also added some handy links in case you feel like donating to support the site. We’re planning on implementing some new features (a convention calendar being first among them), and would really appreciate any help you can give to get us up and running. Anyway, without further ado, onto the new conventions!

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    New Conventions – September 3, 2018

    Hi there AAC party people! It’s been a minute since you heard from the ol’ news section, eh? Well it’s come to my attention that the lack of chatter from your crabby old admin has led some to believe that this page is (gasp!) inactive. Longtime reviewers will know the truth, but maybe we should make some noise so the newcomers will know we’re still kickin’. From now on I’ll be posting a wee update whenever new conventions are added to the site. So without further ado, here are the latest additions to the AAC family:

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    Spread the Word

    Greetings AAC party people! Con season is in full swing, and I’m sure you’re up to your ears in prep work and (hopefully) that sweet, sweet, convention dosh. 😛 Today we’ve got something a little different: downloadable promo cards to help spread the word about Artists Alley Confidential! Just print, cut, and pass out to your fellow AA vendors. Find them here!

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    Con Season is Nearly Here

    Greetings AAC crew! Your humble admin here! Con season is right around the corner, and I know you’re all hard at work prepping your merch and booking your tables. We’re also shaking off that post-holiday daze at AAC. We’ve just added a bunch of new shows over on the Conventions page (including some January cons) for your reviewing pleasure, and there are more on the way. Go check ’em out and leave some feedback if you’ve got it! And of course, if there’s an event you want added to the list, just use the Submit a Con form. Take care, my lovely AAers! 🙂