Updated Convention List

Greetings all! Your humble admin here with a few updates that will hopefully make AAC even easier to use.

First, if you go to the Conventions page, you’ll notice that events are now listed alphabetically by state. I received a lot of feedback regarding the organization of this list, and the number one request was to group conventions by location. You can still use the search tool (up top in the main menu) to find conventions by name, city, or date (I recommend searching by month). Canadian and UK cons will be added soon, and will be sorted by province and country, respectively.

Which brings me to the next update. If you take a look at the main menu, you’ll notice a new page called “Submit a Con”. There you’ll find a dedicated form for requesting new conventions. The only required fields are email and convention name, but as always, the more info you can provide, the better! Submissions with just the convention name will still be added, but it’ll probably take a little longer.

That’s all for now, but please feel free to keep the questions, comments, and suggestions coming! 😀

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